Ballad of a Bandit

A cleaner enters the classroom to empty the bin, distracted by something he sees, there ensues a rollicking story of a highway man, a Robin Hood-like character and master of disguise, Captain McNamara.  

Completely unaware that a show will take place, Ballad of a Bandit will have the children on the edge of their seats as they follow the adventure of “The Captain” in a surprise immersive theatre experience for the classroom with music, object animation, clown and expert storytelling by Miquel Barceló.  

Inspired by the legendary historical figure Capt. George McNamara of Cong who sided with poor tenants in Penal Law times, Barceló’s reimagining of his story highlights the power of myth and story to give hope to people in a time of need. 

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Special thanks to Nick Kavanagh.

Scroll down for information on the Ballad of a Bandit education pack.

NB: Please keep information about this performance to yourself and to assist with the immersive and surprise nature of the piece please DO NOT inform pupils. 

Production Team
Written and performed by
Miquel Barceló
Marc Mac Lochlainn
Illustrations and Education Pack
Maeve Clancy
Composer & Performer
Matthew Berrill
Production & Stage Manager
Debbie Wright
Costume Design
Mirriam Donohue
Sound Design
Adrian Ferry
Lighting Design
Michael Foley
Executive Producer
Joanne Beirne
Line Producer
Niamh Ní Fhlatharta
Engagement Producer
Orla Henihan
Noel Minogue
John McMahon

The show is accompanied by a specially designed creative engagement pack for use in the classroom after the show, comprising of comic (designed by Maeve Clancy), activity sheet and video workshop. The pack contains lots of potential curriculum links (particularly across Drama, History, Visual Art, Primary Language).  

Supported by The Arts Council of Ireland, Galway City Council, Galway County Council and Branar Meitheal.