An Chéad Chéim

As the play goes on the corners of your mouth move towards your ears until you have huge smile and when the lights go up you want to shout - again, again please.

— Foinse review (translation)

Branar tell the story of two boys Myles and Dano. Myles and his mother have just moved to the new town. Myles brings with him his amazing imagination, which allow him to breathe life into ordinary household implements and create imaginative stories. But when Dano and Myles meet it set into play a series of events that only Myles imagination can help him stop. The play unearths the vivid imagination of a one young boy and how the other is never allowed to imagine. The performers use unusual puppetry and music in this clever production.

An Chéad Chéim was the first Branar show to be presented at Baboró in 2007.

Designed for children aged 8 – 12 years.

Duration: 50 minutes.

Creative Team
Miquel Barceló
Set Design
Marcus Quinlan
Morgan Cooke and Máire Greaney
Performer (Dano)
Marc Mac Lochlainn
Performer (Myles)
Morgan Cooke
Performer (Mam)
Máire Greaney