Tiny Shows/ Seónna Bídeacha 2015


Tiny Shows/ Seónna Bídeacha


Do you have an idea for a show for children?

Do you want to explore that Idea?

Do you want to work with new art forms?
Tiny Shows/Seó Bídeach is intended to be a safe space where artists and theatre professionals can experiment with new skills or new roles in a developmental context.

This experimentation will allow for ideas for shows for children to be given an early stage exploration.

The idea is that 3 people come together on Friday morning, they play and experiment in a supported environment until Sunday evening where they will then show/share what they have achieved.

Each Tiny Show/Seó Bídeach concept selected will be allocated 500Euros for their weekend residency.

The weekend residence will take place on an agreed weekend between June – December 2015.

We will encourage people to
      try new early stage seed ideas,
      to change roles e.g actor – director, technician – actor,
      explore working with new people
      explore working with new media
      explore working with text
      explore working with live music
      explore dance
      explore puppetry
      explore clown
      explore mask

The expected outcomes of this initiative are as follows:
Artists will explore and gain experience with new theatrical forms
The residency will lead to the development of new work for children.
The residency will allow artists to explore work for children

Branar-Seó-Bídeach-Tiny-Shows-Application-Form-2015.pdf (295 downloads)

Please contact Joanne Beirne, if you have any further queries.

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